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The right amp and effects for every musician

From live rigs for touring musicians to practice amps for beginners, you'll find the enormous selection of amplifiers that you're looking for at Big Johnson's Guitars. Our used gear arrives daily and that means you'll get some incredible finds. Be on the lookout for our many gems, including vintage and boutique items from Marshall, Fender, Park, Supro, EVH, Mesa-Boogie, Peavey, ENGL, Carr Amplifiers, and more.


Do you have gear you're looking to sell? Ask us about our great assignment options and let us help you sell it!

Custom solutions to find your sound

Are you searching for an effects pedal that will help you find your voice? Whether you're looking for over-the-top distortion, creamy overdrive and boost pedals, or swirling modulation, phasers, flangers, funky filters, wah pedals, spacious delay and reverb, or more, we have it!

Find the custom amplifier and effects solutions to create your own unique sound at Big Johnson's Guitars!

Quality effects pedals from top brands

  • Electro-Harmonix and MXR

  • Dunlop, ZVEX, and TC Electronics

  • Boutique effects pedals from Catalinbread, Earthquaker Devices, Wampler, and more

Amp and effects expertise

Since 2007, Big Johnson's Guitars has been bringing you the area's best in guitars, accessories, and more. When you choose us, you'll find the gear you need at the price you want, plus friendly expert service to help you get the right items for your sound.

Find out about our exceptional consignment options and get great money for your gear!

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